Thursday, May 24, 2012

The best SketchUp projects in the new SketchUp Showcase

  I've long said that 3D models are one of my favorite aspects of Google Earth. From cities to universities to cathedrals to even my own house, I love exploring the 3D world of Google Earth. The tool behind these great models, of course, is Google SketchUp. SketchUp is an amazing (free!) software tool to allow you create 3D models, and you can view thousands of those models in the Google 3D Warehouse. Now they have a new tool to make it even easier to find excellent 3D models -- the new SketchUp Showcase.   idol.jpg  The Showcase highlights excellent Sketchup projects from around the world, and included in this site is a brand new online 3D model viewer. It allows you to orbit, zoom and pan 3D models, so you can view them from any angle without leaving your browser. Look for the little red flag icon, or click here to see the models that have this feature. It's quite slick.   3d-viewer.jpg  If you have a project that you feel is worthy of inclusion in the SketchUp Showcase, you can submit it for consideration here.

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