Monday, May 21, 2012

Made in NY Digital Map

Map of the Week: Made in NY Digital Map Why we like it: A beautiful visualization of tech companies in New York City, which uses Styled Maps and our Marker Clusterer library. Also, this is the first map to come to us directly from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (perhaps as a result of his pledge to learn code in 2012:)! This week’s ‘Map of the Week’ comes to us directly from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg! On Tuesday at Internet Week New York, Mayor Bloomberg released Made in New York as a resource for job seekers. The map is a visualization of the city’s tech startups that connects jobs seekers with job listings. To help users better visualize all the data on the map, Marker Clusterer is used to group together a collection of points that are in close proximity to each other. The resulting clusters are color coded by the number of listings that they contain, and a Styled Map is used to make the data stand out better.
At launch Made in New York contains more than 500 companies. Of those companies, about 325 are currently hiring. You can sort the map by digital companies, investors, and co-working/incubator spaces
Mayor Bloomberg has high hopes for this Google Map. At the conference Bloomberg stated “We expect this map to be another tool that helps propel our tech industry forward.” With a map as beautifully designed as Made in New York, good things are sure to follow.  

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