Saturday, June 25, 2011

From The Tallest Mountain to the Deepest Ocean Trench

tallest-deepest.jpgKarl Tate over at OurAmazingPlanet has created an amazing infographic showing the highest heights and the deepest depths of our planet. You can see a thumbnail view of the graphic on the right, but I encourage you to view the full image on their site.

Of course, all of these amazing features on our planet look excellent in Google Earth! Here is a list of the places that are mentioned in the graphic so you can go see them for yourself.

Mount Everest | KML

K2 | KMZ

Aconcagua | KMZ

Mount McKinley | KMZ

Kilimanjaro | KMZ

Mount Elbrus | KML

Vinson Massif | KMZ

Puncak Jaya | KMZ

Lhasa | KMZ

South Pole | KMZ

Denver, Colorado | KMZ

Burj Khalifa | KMZ

CN Tower | KML

Empire State Building | KML

Great Pyramid of Giza | KMZ

Statue of Liberty | KMZ

Deepwater Horizon oil rig | KML

Grand Canyon | KMZ

Wreck of the RMS Titanic | KMZ

Puerto Rico Trench | KMZ

Mariana Trench | KMZ

We live on an amazing planet, and Google Earth is such a great way to explore it all. Thanks to Karl and OurAmazingPlanet for putting together that graphic.

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