Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Google Earth: Over one billion downloads

  Google Earth has just hit a major milestone -- one billion downloads. Wow! In celebration of that, Google has created a great video highlighting some of the things you can do with Google Earth:   To show some of the ways that people have used Google Earth over the past six years, Google has compiled some of their stories and put them up on for you to explore. In addition, they built a great infographic showing off many of the features that you'll find in Google Earth.   1billion-info.jpg  Included in the graphic: • Explore the 80M 3D trees of Earth's forests (introduced with Google Earth 6) • Get lost in dozens of 3D rendered cities around the planet, as well as monuments such as Christ the Redeemer, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Pyramids of Giza • Travel through time with Historical Imagery • Swim among 1,288 shipwrecks, including the Titanic in 3D. • Dive to half of the known oceans in high resolution • Create virtual tours • Walk in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong • Soar through 100M stars and 200M galaxies • Follow the Mars Exploration Rovers' paths  

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