Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Garmin Homeport for Mac and PC

Garmin Homeport is a must-have trip-planning tool for mariners heading out on the open water. This planning software - now available on a Mac or PC - enables the use of existing BlueChart data from your preloaded chartplotter or pre-programmed card to help plot a course on your computer. You can then transfer this planned route back to your plotter and head out on your adventure. In addition to managing waypoints, routes and tracks, Homeport can also help you predict fuel usage, tides, depth profiles and more. You can also easily create point-to-point routes, determine distance and bearing measurements between checkpoints and calculate your estimated travel time for each leg of the journey. Homeport, $29.99, is available as a PC or Mac download, or on a microSD/SD card and is compatible with the following series: GPSMAP 400, GPSMAP 500, GPSMAP 600 (640 with BlueChart mapping only) GPSMAP 700, GPSMAP 3000 (trip planning only), GPSMAP 4000, GPSMAP 5000, GPSMAP 6000 and GPSMAP 7000.

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