Thursday, September 29, 2011

Google Places Challenge

  Google has recently added a “Take our Survey” link to the Places page. It is a simple 2 question, rate your satisfaction survey with an optional third question. It was the third question that intrigued me: Describe Google Maps in one word. I love Google Maps. I hate Google Maps. I find it exhilarating when it works and am continually frustrated by its quirks and oddities. I find it a challenge to understand and simple. It can help a business become successful and drive that same business to the the depths of despair. I am in awe and desperation. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Ambivalent? For sure but that hardly captures my feelings in one word. I have trouble coming up with one word that describes the jambalaya of thoughts and feelings about Places. My challenge to you: Describe Google Maps. Come up with one word that captures your sense of (sur)reality when it comes to Maps and Places!  

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