Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Using the Google Apps Profiles API

Domain administrators can create new users for their domain using the control panel web UI and the Google Apps Provisioning API. Once the new users are created, editing their contact information (such as their addresses, phone numbers, etc) can be done using the Google Apps Profiles API. These profiles are shown to everybody in the organization when searching for users in GMail’s Contacts Manager and GMail’s autocomplete feature. Some users want enhanced privacy but unsharing a user’s contact information could only be done using the control panel web UI. We just introduced a new element in the Google Apps Profiles API that lets domain administrators set this option programmatically. This new field is called gContact:status and is available under a User Profile entry:

Changing the indexed attribute value to false unshares the user contact’s information when “contact sharing” is enabled on the domain.

For more information about the Google Apps Profiles API and code samples for supported languages using our client libraries, please refer to the developer’s guide.

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