Monday, January 16, 2012

Domain user management

  Managing the user accounts in a Google Apps domain can be a daunting task when you have hundreds or thousands of them and you have no tools to automate the process. The Google Apps Provisioning API allows developers to write user management applications in the programming language of their choice, but many system administrators prefer a script-based solution instead. The recently launched UserManager Apps Script service fills the gap, providing Google Apps domain administrators an easy way to automate tasks such as batch user creation or update. With the new Apps Script service, creating a user will be as easy as writing a single line of code:
var user = UserManager.createUser("newuser", "John", "Smith", "mypassword");
The UserManager service also makes it easy to perform the same task on each account in the domain. The following sample shows how you can force all users to change their passwords at the next login:
var users = UserManager.getAllUsers();
for (var i in users) {
Calls to the UserManager service can also be scheduled to run hourly or daily, or in response to certain events thanks to Apps Script Triggers.

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