Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SketchUp: Make Ideas Real

Reviewing the hundreds of designs that SketchUp users have submitted to the Make Ideas Real project, we’ve noticed that a large number of submissions could be described as “useful.” (Shocker right? People design things for a reason!) For some folks, “useful” means a project they’ve designed and built for their personal use. For instance, these two submissions are great examples of (small and big) personal projects modeled on SketchUp:  
  Bird's Eye Maple Side Table by Chris Donaghue   
  Tool Shed by Gary Watson  “Useful” also means creating something of value for other people, and then actually selling it! Consider the Kapsule Lightstand, a lighting accessory for the Amazon Kindle, designed by Jonathan Hirschman of the NYC SketchUp User Group. (PS You can actually help fund this project through Kickstarter!).  
  Kapsule Lightstand by Jonathan Hirschman  We were also impressed by this Apple cord holder from Dean Heckler of Heckler Design: another Kickstart project with great design, and also a great design story:       Whether you design projects for yourself or for the rest of the world, we want to see what you’ve created. If you have a SketchUp model that has become reality, add it to our Make Ideas Real collection!

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