Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Ad Exchange developers

The DoubleClick Ad Exchange launched five years ago (logging its first impression in June 2007), and it didn’t take long for the product to open up to developers. In 2008, we launched a real-time bidding (RTB) protocol, enabling sophisticated buyers to analyze and bid for impressions in real time. As the Ad Exchange and RTB grew, so did our pool of developers. Presently, close to 75 percent of all Ad Exchange spend comes via RTB. Some of our largest buyers are agency trading desks and demand-side platforms that were created around the RTB opportunity. Simply put, Ad Exchange thrives thanks to the work of our developer community.
Today, we officially welcome Ad Exchange developers to the Google Ads Developer Blog. We’ll be using the blog to update Ad Exchange developers on news, best practices, and beta features. We’ll also highlight upcoming events like webinars, Google+ Hangouts, and on-site Developer Day workshops. The Ad Exchange team is excited to engage more with our developer community. To subscribe to Ad Exchange news, click on our ad_exchange feed.

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