Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google Maps: Film Locations

Spott is a mobile phone application that lets you check for nearby places that have been used in movie or TV scenes.

Using Spott you can view a Google Map that shows locations near you that have been used in iconic scenes in films and TV shows. You can also search a particular city for locations or search by actor or film.

Registered users of Spott can add locations to the map and can even take photographs of themselves at film locations and add them to the Spott image gallery.

Spott is available both for the iPhone and Android phones.


Filmaps is a film locations website that also uses Google Maps to show the locations of movies. Filmaps want to help movie fans find the locations in their favourite movies.

It is possible to search Filmaps for a particular film or it is possible to search a location to see which film was made there. For example, a search for the Eiffel Tower reveals that four films in the Filmaps database have used the famous landmark as a location.

Each film has its own Google Map. When you are browsing a film's locations it is very easy to add another location if you know of one that hasn't already been added. To do so you just press the 'add a location button' and complete a very short form.

Movie Landmarks

Brian Lane's MovieLandmarks.com is a "location-based movie landmark search engine". Location and media data are added by users and the resulting data is then mashed up for all to explore! For an example check out this Blues Brothers landmark.

The post is "lifted" from Google Maps Mania


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