Sunday, July 24, 2011

The nuclear tweets with Google Earth


Over the past few months, we've shown you a few neat features that Hidenori Watanava has released relating to the Japanese earthquake and subsequent nuclear issues, including a variety of photo overlays and a data-heavy map with tons of great information.

In addition, we've shown various ways that users have tied Twitter into Google Earth, such as tools like EarthTwit and TwitterVision.

Now Hidenori is back with a with a combination of the two in the form of a real-time visualization of nuclear-related tweets around the world, tying the tweets to one another and also back to the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. It looks quite impressive.


The blue lines in the map are a line between the tweet and the Fukushima Plant, and the red lines are between a retweet and the original tweet, when applicable. He's also incorporated Declan Butler's map of nuclear reactors to add a bit more context to the tweets.

To get yourself added to the map, simply include "#nuclear" in one of your tweets and you'll appear automatically. The location is based on geocoding the location provided in your Twitter profile.

This is a very unique visualization to the see the nuclear discussion around the world, and it's interesting to see where the discussions are taking place.

Have you seen any other great Twitter / Google Earth mashups that we've missed? There's a lot of power in geographically visualizing conversations like that, and I'd love to be able to share more examples of it.

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