Saturday, May 7, 2011

Google Earth in stereo 3D

Nearly five years ago, Frank first told you about the TriDef Visualizer, which allows you to explore Google Earth in true 3D stereo with anaglyph glasses.

TriDef has recently released version 4.5 of their product which can do some fun stuff with Google Earth, so I decided to give it a try.

The Good

• 14 day fully functional trial version.

• Only requires normal anaglyph glasses (very inexpensive).

• Works in all modes of Google Earth, including Street View.


The Bad

• Being anaglyphic 3D, it's not as sharp as what you see in new 3D movies.

• It simply refuses to work if you have multiple monitors on your system. Rather than mess with those settings, I ran it on my laptop instead.

That being said, it's worth giving it a shot. If you need to get some glasses, you can find them on Amazon for virtually nothing and then go download the 14-day free trial of TriDef.

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